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Easter Bunny Blue Woodgrain (Easter Tumbler)

Easter Bunny Blue Woodgrain (Easter Tumbler)


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Satisfy your thirst and your inner child with our Easter Bunny Blue Woodgrain Tumbler. You'll hop right into spring with this adorable tumbler that keeps your drinks cold (or hot - but who's drinking hot chocolate when we all know it's about the marshmallows?!) and your spirits up. With a design so cute you'll want to show it off, this tumbler is perfect for all your Easter festivities. Don't be fooled by its looks, though - this tumbler is durable and functional, making it a practical choice for everyday use until the Easter Bunny comes back next year.

Choose from sizes that fit you we have 20 oz tumbler, 30 oz tumbler, and even 20 oz with a Bluetooth speaker tumbler!

It is made using the sublimation process, which ensures that the design is long-lasting and won't fade.

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