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Cheetah Easter Bunny (Easter Tumbler)

Cheetah Easter Bunny (Easter Tumbler)


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"Just when you thought Easter couldn't get more fun, we've got just the product for you! Our Cheetah Easter Bunny (Easter Tumbler) is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Not only does it come in a playful and quirky design, but it also doubles as a tumbler for your favorite drinks! Get ready to hop into spring with this must-have product. (Get it? Hop? Because it's an Easter bunny? We'll stop now.)"

Choose from sizes that fit you we have 20 oz tumbler, 30 oz tumbler, and even 20 oz with a Bluetooth speaker tumbler!

It is made using the sublimation process, which ensures that the design is long-lasting and won't fade.

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